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Porsche 914s are now more popular than ever before with everyone buying and restoring them. They are such a simple car that even the home hobbiest or father and son team can perform a restoration of even the worst case 914 in just a couple of months. With the ready availability of parts and precise tech advice and the finished result being a great driving and handling convertible that gets over 35 miles a gallon on regular gasoline, the rush to restore these cars has never been more intense. These are the last of the true air cooled Porsche classics, never to be seen again, that Porsche built their reputation upon. High quality, simple straightforward design, superb handling, and a strong following by their owners typified these cars. In our desire to spread the hobby, we are offering four highly restorable 914s in four different auctions at bargain prices. These cars are ones we just got in from Texas (hence all of the dust!) As you can see by the pictures, we have many parts that came with them, and as you can see all are mostly complete. Make sure you look at the extra pictures to see a pile of the appropriate extra parts that automatically come with each car. You will be amazed. Please first look at all four cars and see which one you like best, because as a bonus to you, if all four cars sell, we will offer 1000 worth of used parts of your choice to the buyer of the car fetching the highest bid. Simply bid your car, win the bid and if your car sells for more than the other three, we will send the extra 1000 used parts of your choice with your purchase! It is that easy. For all of our buyers of these four cars, we will offer a 5% discount on all parts purchases used for the restoration of the car. We also include with purchase a beautiful 240 page colorful 914 parts catalog. All cars come with a current registration which is transferable to any state or country. We can also arrange transportation to your door. We have a very careful shipper. 1971 Porsche 914 1.7 id number 4712913722 This 1971 Porsche 914 shares the exact same body as the fabulous 914-6 and comes mostly complete as you can see by the pictures. It needs right rear welding and of course as you know we make all of the pieces to execute a perfect factory like repair. The front end is very straight and has not been damaged and the original color, forest green would make this car a real standout when restored. It has a dual carb 1.7 engine. Just the fact that this is the same bodyshell as the 914-6 makes this a very valuable car. Automobile Atlanta serving the Porsche community since 1978. 770-427-2844. Please call at any time for a detailed around the car description.