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1982 Porsche 911 Sunroof Coupe

This 911 is perfect for the home hobbyist who wants a Porsche at a bargain price that needs just a bit of finishing. We purchased this southern rust free clean car with factory sport seats from the owner who decided to repair on his own the three broken exhaust studs. He removed the engine, took it half way apart, and then stopped due to his divorce. Not knowing the condition of the engine beyond the broken exhaust studs (the owner said it ran before removing the engine), we took the engine completely apart and completed the finest rebuild money can buy. We are at the point now where the fuel injection needs to be reinstalled along with the exhaust system and the powerplant reinstalled in the car. If we had enough Porsche mechanics here at Automobile Atlanta, we would have had it together by now and it would be in its new home. Our stall is your start! (or you can apply for a job here in our award winning shop!) Great car, great color, great option list. Odometer reads 116,000 on body but 0 miles on the rebuilt engine!


Contact: 770.427.2844 ext 111