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1967 SUNBEAM ALPINE Brake Parts

Brake Parts For Your 1967 Sunbeam Alpine

Rotors and calipers may incur an additional shipping surcharge.

Centric parts are special order and cannot be canceled or modified once the order is placed.

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Power Brake Booster

Part Number: 160.88117

Price: $414.35 $352.20
Core: $300.00
Additional Notes: Remote Servo Unit
Quantity Needed: 1

Caliper Kit

Part Number: 143.91009

Price: $4.28 $3.64
Notes: Front
Quantity Needed: 1

Brake Pad

Posi-Quiet Metallic with Shims

Part Number: 104.00020

Price: $28.57 $24.28
Notes: Front
Quantity Needed: 1

Available Options and Upgrades

OE Formula Brake Pads
$37.88 $32.20
C-TEK Standard Metallic
$13.78 $11.71
Posi-Quiet Ceramic w/Shims
$23.71 $20.15

Brake Shoe

New Brake Shoe

Part Number: 111.03940

Price: $22.64 $19.24
Notes: Rear
Quantity Needed: 1

Wheel Cylinder

Premium Wheel Cylinder

Part Number: 134.61000

Price: $15.59 $13.25
Notes: Rear
Quantity Needed: 2

Wheel Cylinder Kit

Part Number: 144.61000

Price: $4.32 $3.67
Notes: Rear
Quantity Needed: 1