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Rebuilt 914-6 Fuel/temp Gauge for Porsche 914

B91464110120 - Rebuilt/Reproduction

Price: $275.00

Core: 150.00


Its always nice to know how your engine is running. However, older gauges have a tendency to fail or be out of calibration. Instead of buying a replacement gauge, which can cost hundreds of dollars, we offer a rebuild service that will restore your malfunctioning gauge to as-new condition. Simply send us your malfunctioning gauge with a detailed description of the issue and we will have it rebuilt and sent it back to you in short order. Stop dealing with a broken or non-calibrated gauge in your Porsche! Sold on an exchange basis only; core charge refunded on return of your gauge.

Fits (Click to view section):
914 1970-76

914-6 1970-72

Exploded Diagrams (Click to view additional fitment info)
914 1970-76 - Electrical

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