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Porsche 911 Diagrams

Exploded diagrams showing every part on your Porsche 911

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replacement engine complete ready for installation

crankcase left not for 912E

crankcase right not for 912E


cylinder head cylinder with piston

911/911S stud

chain case camshaft housing not for 912E

valve control left

valve control right

engine lubrication

engine lubrication radiator coil

SPM oil supply for converter oil tank

air cooling

air duct

air duct engine cover

air cleaner k-jetronic

K - JETRONIC 74-76 mixture control unit

K - JETRONIC mixture control unit 77-

mixture control unit single parts

SPM vacuum system for clutch release

air injection (USA) 75-

additional blower 75-

engine suspension

912E replacement engine

912E crankcase

912E crankshaft

912E piston

912E cylinder cylinder head

912E camshaft valves

912E engine lubrication oil pump oil filter oil strainer

912E engine lubrication filler neck bleeding

912E engine lubrication oil cooler

912E air cooling

912E fan housing air duct for cylinder

912E cooling air control

912E air cleaner

912E injection system

912E exhaust gas recirculation air injection

912E engine carrier

gasket set repair kits maintenance set

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fuel system front for cars with steel auxiliary support

fuel system front for cars with aluminium auxil. support

K-JETRONIC fuel system -74 rear

K-JETRONIC fuel system 75- rear

CARRERA 2.7 fuel system rear for mechanical injection for engine 911/83

tank ventilation -74

tank ventilation 75-

K-JETRONIC, 911.83 exhaust system 74 74-

K-JETRONIC exhaust system 75-

K-JETRONIC exhaust system (CAL) 75- (USA) (CDN) (J) 77-

912E exhaust system heat exchanger

heating air supply

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912E clutch not for

912E clutch

clutch release

replacement transmission transmission case

gear housing transmission cover

915/16/48 gear wheel sets 4-speed transmission

915 gears and shafts 4-speed gear wheel sets see group 3/03/00

gear wheel sets 5-speed transmission 915.06/43

TYP 915, TYP 923 gears and shafts 5 speed gear wheel sets see group 3/03/10

shift rods shift forks


limited-slip differential

transmission suspension

SPM clutch release

SPM converter converter housing

SPM replacement transmission transmission case

SPM, 925/02 gear wheel sets

SPM gears and shafts gear wheel sets see group 3/09/00

SPM, 925 shift rods shift forks

SPM transmission suspension

repair kits

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front axle stabiliser steel auxiliary support

shock absorber strut

steering gear steering linkage tie rod

steering wheel steering shaft bearing steering column switch

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rear axle

vibration damper stabiliser

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disc brake front

disc brake rear handbrake

brake master cylinder for cars without brake booster

brake lines for cars without brake booster

brake master cylinder 77- for cars with brake booster

brake lines for cars with brake booster

repair kits front axle

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transmission control

actuating lever handbrake manual throttle

pedals left-hand drive

pedals for cars with brake booster

SPM pedals left-hand drive

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body in white prime coated sealed with underbody protection bodyshells can only only available from current model year available coupe

frame front

frame centre

frame rear

interior panelling

TARGA interior panelling

exterior panelling front

exterior panelling rear it is necessary to rework

TARGA exterior panelling it is necessary to rework

bumper front

bumper rear

lid front

lid rear

rear spoiler

door with installation parts

installation parts for door

power windows

COUPE door glass frame

TARGA door glass frame

COUPE window glazing front rear

COUPE window glazing lateral

TARGA window glazing windscreen see group 8/05/00

lining inner front

lining inner rear

door trim panel

TARGA interior equipment

body sound proofing 1

front seat complete

front seat single parts

sports seat complete

sports seat backrest single parts

sports seat seat cushion single parts

back seat


glove compartment sun visor

interior mirror door mirror

centre console

decorative fittings

TARGA decorative fittings

sunroof electric

TARGA soft top

seat belt

ventilation -76 heating system 1

ventilation 77- heating system 2

air conditioner evaporator evaporator housing accessories

air conditioner nozzle accessories -76

air conditioner compressor

air conditioner compressor driving mechanism mounting

air conditioner electrical components

air conditioner condenser lines front

air conditioner condenser lines rear

air conditioner cooling air duct installation parts without POS. see group 8/13/05

set of locks repair kits coupe

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engine electrics

battery mounting plate

mounting plate starter switch unit

generator GR.2 , NR.28 see tpi GR.9 , NR13 , 09/94

wiring harnesses

sender relay horn


steering column switch

windscreen wiper system

rear window wiper -75 left-hand drive

rear window wiper 76- left-hand drive

windscreen washer system

windscreen washer system together with headlight washer system

headlamp lights

fog headlamp rear fog light

instruments speedometer mechanical

speedometer electric pulse sender

counter switch 75-

control mechanism for heating

cruise control

installation set headlight washer system fog headlamp radio

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