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Porsche 924 Diagrams

Exploded diagrams showing every part on your Porsche 924

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replacement engine

short engine with crankshaft piston oil pump

cylinder block with pistons oil pan protective plate f. engine

crankshaft connecting rod

piston piston rings

cylinder head

camshaft valves

924 engine lubrication

water pump

924 water cooling

924 air cleaner system

bonded rubber buffer

924 k-jetronic mixture control unit

924 k-jetronic

bonded rubber buffer

924 air injection

924 exhaust gas recirculation

engine suspension

maintenance set gasket set repair kit

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fuel tank

924 carbon canister only together with engine 74 KW (100 DIN-PS)

924 fuel system F >>92472 02047

924 fuel system F 92472 02047>> F >>92482 99999 F 92473 00001>> F >>92483 99999

924 fuel system F 92492 00001>> F >>92492 03645 F 92493 00001>> F >>92493 30200

fuel system F 92492 03646>> F 92493 30201>>

924 exhaust system catalytic converter

924 exhaust system rear muffler

repair kits

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924 central tube

924 clutch

924 replacement transmission transmission case 4-speed

replacement transmission transmission case 5-speed

924 gears and shafts 4-speed

gears and shafts 5-speed transmission (J) 78 gear wheel sets 016 Z

924 transmission control 4-speed

transmission control 5-speed

924 differential 4-speed

differential 5-speed

M220 limited-slip differential 5-speed

transmission suspension POS.1-4 for 5th gear manual transmission

central tube automatic transmission

replacement transmission final-drive housing automatic transmission

transmission case automatic transmission

shift mechanism automatic transmission

slide-valve gearbox oil strainer regulator automatic transmission

differential automatic transmission

transmission suspension automatic transmission

repair kits

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wishbone cross member

924 steering knuckle

924, M471 steering knuckle

suspension shock absorber front


steering gear tie rod

steering wheel steering column

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924 rear axle carrier rear axle link F >>92481 00776 F >>92482 01225 F >>92483 30098

rear axle carrier rear axle link F 92481 00777>> F 92482 01226>> F 92483 30099>>

rear wheel shaft

drive shaft

stabiliser vibration damper

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disc wheel

924 disc brake front axle

924, M471 disc brake front axle

924 brake rear axle

924 brake rear wheel brake cylinder

924, M471 disc brake rear axle

brake master cylinder

expansion tank brake booster

brake lines front

brake lines rear

repair kits

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924 shift mechanism manual transmission

924, M481 shift mechanism manual transmission

924 shift mechanism automatic transmission

parking-brake lever

pedals brake clutch left-hand drive

accelerator pedal accelerator cable F >>92481 00776 F >>92482 01225 F >>92483 30098

AUT. accelerator pedal accelerator cable -78

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side member heat shield

body front section

side section

transmission carrier boot floor plate roof


bumper without impact absorber

bumper with impact absorber

lid front actuator lid lock

rear lid with rear window


installation parts door door lock

installation parts door window glass power windows

window glazing

pop-up headlight

linings front carpet


front seat complete seat cover

front seat single parts

back seat complete single parts see group 8/08/20

back seat single parts


door mirror interior mirror sun visor

luggage compartment cover

trim frame insignias

M650 lifting roof

seat belt

heating ventilation heat exchanger

air vent cover air hose

M579 air vent air hose left-hand drive 79

M573 heating left-hand drive -78

M573 heating 79

M573, 924 air conditioner left-hand drive -79

M573 air conditioner 79

M573 air conditioner /LL 79

M573 compressor -78

M573 compressor 79

repair kits

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924 engine electrics 2 GR.2 NR. 2/86


mounting parts for generator


battery wiring harnesses for starter generator

wiring harnesses engine compartment

wiring harnesses

wiring harnesses rear end

push-on connector

switch fuse box relay

steering column switch

horn -78


windscreen wiper system

M425 rear window wiper

windscreen washer system -78

windscreen washer system 79

M288 headlight washer system -78

M288 headlight washer system 79-

headlamp electric motor pop-up headlight not for (USA),(CDN)

headlamp electric motor pop-up headlight (CDN) (USA)

license plate light rear light

interior light direction indicator light lateral

direction indicator light front


speedometer -78


electric fan

repair kits

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