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Rennline Aluminum Manual Shift Knob, Black for Porsche 911, 912, 930

RSI13B - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $95.00


Unlike most shift knobs on the market, rennline s are far from universal . Universal usually means that it will nearly fit some applications and will not fit the rest. All rennline shift knobs are cnc machined to fit specific applications, eliminating the concern of missing a gear due to loose or detached shift knob. There is no need to cut, drill, or modify your factory shift lever to install. All of our shift knobs are the ergonomically correct 1.875 diameter and have rubber trim rings installed at the base. For cars with or without integrated shift boots. Fits 911 1965-86 and 912 w/ manual transmission. Black.

Fits (Click to view section):

911 1984-86

911 1978-83

930 1975-77

911 1974-77

911 1970-73

911 1965-69

912 1965-69

911 1965-86, 912 1965-69

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