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Xdi Single-plug Crank Fire Ignition System for Porsche 911, 930

R900511 - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $1,726.49


Move beyond the old-style distributor-fire ignition system and add some real spark to yout Porsche! The clewett crank fire ignition is an advanced, state of the art design that combines the functions of distributor, cd and coil into a complete, integrated system. At the heart of dfi is the xdi electronic module that fires the plugs directly from multiple coils. Each of three dual coils fires two cylinders-- one on its compression stroke, the other 360 degrees away on its exhaust stroke. High voltage spark distribution through a mechanical distributor is eliminated, along with inherent inaccuracies and misfires. No laptop required for the xdi ignition. Kits include: xdi ignition, wire harness, crank sensor, crank trigger adapter (pulley, trigger wheel, sensor mount, distributor hole plug), and instructions. Specific spark plug wire needed for use (part number r919222)

Fits (Click to view section):

911 1974-77

930 1975-77

911 1978-83

911/930 1974-83 WITH A/C

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