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Porsche 944 Diagrams

Exploded diagrams showing every part on your Porsche 944

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replacement engine short engine

protective plate

crankcase -86 mounting parts

crankcase 87- mounting parts

crankshaft connecting rod

piston piston rings

-10, M44.05 cylinder head valves

M44.50/51, M44.52 cylinder head valves

M44.40 cylinder head valves

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/50/51, M44.52 camshaft housing camshaft

M44.40 camshaft

driving mechanism -86 camshaft

driving mechanism 87- camshaft

driving mechanism balance shaft

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 engine lubrication

M44.50/51 engine lubrication

M44.50/51, M44.52 oil cooling

M44.50/51, M44.52 engine lubrication turbocharger

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 water pump

M44.50/51 water pump

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 water cooling

M44.40 water cooling

M44.50/51, M44.52 water cooling

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 air cleaner system

M44.50/51, M44.52 air cleaner system

M44.40 air cleaner system

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 l-jetronic 1

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 l-jetronic 2

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10 l-jetronic 3

M44.50/51, M44.52 l-jetronic 1

M44.50/51, M44.52 l-jetronic 2

M44.50/51 l-jetronic -87

M44.51/52 l-jetronic 88-

M44.50/51, M44.52 l-jetronic 4

M44.50/51, M44.52 charge air cooler

M44.40 l-jetronic

M44.40 l-jetronic

M44.40 l-jetronic

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/40 engine suspension

M44.50/51, M44.52 engine suspension

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fuel tank

filler neck

carbon canister

M44.05/06/07, M44.08/09, M44.10/50/51, M44.52 fuel system

M44.40 fuel system

M44.05/06, M44.07/08 exhaust system catalytic converter

M44.05/06, M44.07/08 exhaust system rear muffler

M44.09/10 exhaust system catalytic converter

M44.09/10 exhaust system rear muffler

M44.50/51 exhaust system

M44.50/51, M44.52 exhaust system rear muffler

M44.40 exhaust system catalytic converter

M44.40 exhaust system rear muffler

M44.50/51/52 turbocharger see q-information group

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central tube manual transmission


replacement transmission transmission case manual transmission

5P 5R AOR oil cooling

5Y 5S 5Z 7V gears and shafts manual transmission

5P 5R UY 9U, AGP AGR AOR gears and shafts manual transmission

5Y 5S 5Z 7V transmission control manual transmission

5P 5R UY 9U, AGP AGR AOR transmission control manual transmission

differential manual transmission

M220 limited-slip differential manual transmission

transmission suspension manual transmission

central tube automatic transmission

replacement transmission final-drive housing for automatic transmission

transmission case automatic transmission

oil inlet automatic transmission

oil cooling automatic transmission

transmission control automatic transmission

slide-valve gearbox oil strainer regulator automatic transmission

differential automatic transmission

transmission suspension automatic transmission

repair kits

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wishbone cross member

steering knuckle

suspension shock absorber front GR.4, NR.2/92


steering gear tie rod

M657 power steering steering gear vane type pump lines GR.4, NR.6/90

steering wheels steering column

M562 airbag

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rear axle carrier rear-axle trailing arm

rear wheel shaft

drive shaft GR.4 NR.2/87 see tpi GR.4 NR.4/92

vibration damper stabiliser

repair kits

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disc wheel -86

disc wheel 87-

944,944S disc brake front axle

TURBO disc brake front axle GR.4, NR.1/89 GR.4, NR.1/93

944,944S disc brake rear axle

TURBO disc brake rear axle GR.4, NR.1/89 GR.4, NR.1/93


brake master cylinder brake booster expansion tank

M593 brake master cylinder brake booster expansion tank -ABS-

brake lines

M593 brake lines -ABS-

M593 hydraulic unit -ABS-

repair kits

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actuator for manual transmission

actuator for automatic transmission

parking-brake lever

brake clutch pedals left-hand drive

accelerator pedal accelerator cable for manual transmission

accelerator pedal accelerator cable for automatic transmission

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body in white prime coated sealed sprayed with filler with underbody protection bodyshells can only only available from current model year available

side member heat shield

body front section

side section

transmission carrier boot floor plate roof


bumper with impact absorber

944,944S front spoiler

TURBO front apron and bumper

TURBO, TURBO, M472 sill cover winged rear apron

lid front actuator

rear lid rear spoiler


outer door handle door lock

M341 central locking system 86-

power windows window guide

window glazing

pop-up headlight

sound absorber


door trim panel rooflining

seat complete group 8/08/00 - 8/08/55 see group 8/04/00 - 8/04/56 catalogue STZ 18

cloth pieces

dashboard trim

cassette box centre console

rear-view mirror sun visor door mirror

luggage compartment cover


insignias stone guard film

M650 lifting roof

M650, 944, TURBO lifting roof driving mechanism F 94GN4 57875>> F 95GN1 54212>>

seat belt front

M186 seat belt rear lap belt manually

heater air conditioner


air duct

M573 refrigerant circuit

M573 compressor

vacuum control

control switch

repair kits

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,06, M44.05, 07,08,09,10, 51,52 engine electrics 1

M44.40 engine electrics 1

engine electrics 2

generator with mounting parts

starter battery wiring harnesses

wiring harnesses engine heating air conditioner

wiring harnesses passenger compartment

wiring harnesses doors

wiring harnesses rear end

wiring harnesses anti-lock brake system brake pad wear indicator

protective grommet tie-wrap

round connector contact pin cable shoe

flat plug push-on connector

insulated cable connection connector housing single pole

connector housing 2-pole

connector housing 3-pole

connector housing 4-pole

connector housing 5-pole 6-pole 7-pole 5-pole

connector housing 8-pole 9-pole 8-pole

connector housing 10-pole until 22-pole 10-pole

switch steering column switch clock

central electrical system


windscreen wiper system see tpi /LL GR.9 , NR.8 , 07/94

M425 rear window wiper

windscreen washer system

M288 headlight washer system


headlamp electric motor pop-up headlight

944,944S fog headlamp

944,944S direction indicator light front

TURBO additional headlamp direction indicator light

license plate light rear light additional brake light

interior light direction indicator light

instrument cluster -86

instrument cluster 87-

switch and sender

M454 cruise control

alarm system

electric fan



installation set repair kits

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