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Known as: supporting mount


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"Strut Mount 986/987/s - 996/997c2/c2s - Front"


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"Shock Strut Mount Flange For 996 997 Boxster Cayman 997"


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Flange with bonded rubber bushing and studs.


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Lemforder Strut Mount for Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman


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Our billet aluminum strut mounts are a must when upgrading to a race suspension such as moton or bilstein pss9/10. The OEM units flex and move during cornering which causes spongy handling characteristics. Our engineered mounts will add more precise handling and road feel. Each of our components are cnc machined from 6061-t6 aluminum, assembled with stainless steel spherical bearings and hard anodized.

Note: recommended for aftermarket threaded racing struts such as bilstein, moton, etc. Not for use with stock struts.

"Shock Mount Kit, Boxster/cayman Rear, Upper, Motorsport Design"

Fitment: 1997 - 2008 PORSCHE BOXSTER, 2006 - 2008 PORSCHE CAYMAN


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Weltmeister® front camber plate set, 996/997 Boxster® & Cayman®

Replaces the compliant factory rubber bushing with a precision teflon-lined spherical bearing for increased front suspension rigidity, quicker steering response, and better handling.

Two sets of mounting holes allow for more than 1 deg of extra negative camber.

The housing is cnc machined from 6061-t6 aluminum billet, providing high-strength, light weight, and a perfect match to the factory mounting surface.

The spherical bearing is securely clamped in place in the billet housing. Other designs use a small retainer ring to trap the bearing in a bore, which can result in annoying rattling and even possible failure.

Reduces front wheel camber changes during hard cornering to maintain optimum tire contact for improved traction.

Fully compatible with all factory and aftermarket style upper spring seats. Fits all 2-wheel drive 996/997, Cayman®, & Boxster®. Bsr class legal.

"Weltmeister Boxster/cayman Front Camber Plate Set "

Fitment: 1999 - 2004 PORSCHE 911 (996) CARRERA 2, 2005 - 2008 PORSCHE 911 (997) CARRERA 2, 2005 - 2008 PORSCHE 911 (997) CARRERA S, 1997 - 2008 PORSCHE BOXSTER, 2006 - 2008 PORSCHE CAYMAN


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Fvd alu-camber plates replace soft top strut rubber bushings. The alu-camber plates are machined from billeted aluminum, providing you with a wide range of camber possibilities. These fits on original shocks and most aftermarket shocks. Fits left or right side, sold each.

Fitment: BOXSTER/S 1997-04


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Under extreme conditions, such as road racing and autocross, negative camber is required to keep as much of the tire’s contact patch on the road as possible. Stock suspension mounts will not allow you to achieve the necessary amount of negative camber required for this type of performance driving. Rennline’s sealed camber plates incorporate fk motorsports spherical bearings and eliminate the indistinct feedback associated with factory rubber mounts. Comes as a set of two. Why are rennline’s strut mounts the best ?

• drastically increased bearing life due to the integrated factory gt3 weather seals.
• fk motorsport teflon-lined spherical bearings.
• rigid bearing mount, not clipped in like some products available.
• specially machined upper nut to allow clearance for maximum negative camber settings.
• allows for up to 1.25 degrees of added negative camber.
• special tool included to hold strut shaft from turning when tightening upper nut.
• can be used with all factory and aftermarket struts, including factory non adjustable units.
• webbed machined base for light weight and superior strength.
• fully rebuildable
• cnc machined 6061 anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.

Note: when using factory non adjustable struts with factory spring seats, weather seal must be removed.

Fitment: 911 2005-09 (2WD), BOXSTER 2005-09, CAYMAN 2006-08