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Bosch Fr6ldc (multi-ground) Spark Plug for Porsche 911

RFR6LDC - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $5.70


Bosch super spark plugs: europe's no. 1 ! Whether stopping-and-starting in the city or cruising along the freeway, the Bosch super spark plug plays a crucial role in determining the performance and function of your engine. Bosch super is not europe's best-selling spark plug for nothing. Sold each, this plug fir these models:

911 turbo 1993-98

911 turbo 2001-05

911 GT2 2002-03

911 GT3 2003-05

Fits (Click to view section):
911 GT3 2003-05
911 Turbo/GT2 2001-05
911 1989-94
911 1994-98

911 Turbo, GT2, GT3 (See description for applications)

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