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Elephant Racing Performance Hollow Front Sway Bar for Porsche 911, 914, 930

RER1T911SBF - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $619.99


Quality and attention to detail make these sway bars the choice for serious performance. These elephant racing lightweight bars are hollow. They are half the weight of competing bars of equal stiffness. Bearing blocks, drop links, and sway bar arms are cnc machined from aircraft-quality 6061-t6 aluminum for its high strength/weight ratio. Fully adjustable front and rear drop links eliminate suspension preload. Oversized, precision teflon-lined rod-ends provide long life, smooth operation, and high-reliability. Adjustable drop-link arm connection design provides infinitely adjustable sway bar stiffness rate and makes it easy to fine-tune your car 's handling for various track conditions and driving styles. Thermoplastic bushings impregnated with teflon and reinforced with kevlar provide smooth operation, long life, and high resistance to deflecting under heavy loading. All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most reliable sway bar on the market.

Note: the front is a through-the-body type bar as equipped on the pre- '74 cars. sway bar can be installed without removing gas tank. 1974-89 911 are not originally equipped with through-the-body sway bars. they require the following two additional components to complete the installation:

- rer1t911mbr mounting bracket is required for reinforcement of the tub

- rer1t911utb u tab bracket is required and is welded to the control arms

911 bar stiffness is equivalent to competing 22mm bars. Installation of reinforced rear sway bar mounts is recommended.

Fits (Click to view section):

911 1965-69

911 1987-89

911 1984-86

911 1978-83

930 1975-77

911 1974-77

911 1970-73

914 1970-76

911 1965-89, 912 1965-69, 914 1970-76

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