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Software Upgrade Cayman / Boxster 2.9l for Porsche BOXSTER, CAYMAN

RFVD98761870 - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $1,054.70


Also included with our latest software version for the Boxster/Cayman 2.9l cars is a free single user license for durametric basic software, allowing you to read out and diagnose fault conditions on your vehicle.

Genuine (based on 6 speed):
Engine - 6 cylinder boxer
Capacity - 2893ccm
Compression ratio - 11,5:1
Max. Power - 195kw (265hp) 7200rpm
Max. Torque - 300nm (221lbf ft) 4400-6000rpm
Max. Speed - 265km/h (166mph)
Max. Rpm - 7300rpm
Acceleration 0-100km/h (0-60 mph)- 5.8s (based on Porsche ag)

Max. Power - 204kw (278hp) 7200rpm
Max. Torque - 315nm (232lbf ft) 5000rpm
Max. Speed - 268km/h (168mph)
Max. Rpm - 7500rpm
Acceleration 0-100km/h (0-60 mph) 5.7s

FVD-Brombacheris proud to announce that we are now offering do-it-yourself flash load ecu software upgrades for the latest 2009- vehicles! Also included with our latest software version is a free single user license for durametric basic software, allowing you to read out and diagnose fault conditions on your vehicle.

For 27 + years, FVD-Brombacherhas been setting the standard for Porsche engine building and tuning in Germany. Our deep understanding of the flat 6 Porsche engine naturally led to our engine management software. Over the years we have perfected the art of software tuning, making substantial gains in horsepower and torque, while retaining drivability and most importantly reliability.
Here is a small sample of our software advancements versus what is available on the market

FVD software vs. The competition

- software programming can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home or by one of our recommended dealers.
- you receive the FVD software file and the original (oem) software file for warranty and emissions testing purposes.
- all of the OEM engine software safety features are fully intact and are not disabled.
- software is completely reversible and undetectable for dealer service / diagnostics / extended warranty.
- our software accommodates 91-100 octane automatically (adjusts timing and knock sensors all the way up to 100 octane), no need for a several expensive octane files.
- customizable for your needs (larger turbo chargers, catalytic bypass / 100 cell exhausts, intercoolers, etc.) all for the same initial price.
- raises the limits on OEM sensors for air intakes / larger throttle bodies and adjusts air fuel for increased performance.
- individuals have the option of selecting where the program resides, in normal, sport mode or both.
- automatically sets quicker responding tiptronic parameters (for moderately tuned cars) directly on the ecu.
- customers can specify left foot braking for track events so that the throttle does not cut out.
- we can turn off the secondary air pump for the addition of a motorsports oil separator.
- 100+ octane maps can be made.
- our hand held flash load tool holds up to 5-10 software maps (depending on the car)!
- dyno proven and comprehensively tested on the autobahn, the race track and under daily driving conditions.
- 27 + years of software tuning knowledge on Porsche vehicles.
- 30-day money back guarantee! Not satisfied with the power, send it back no questions asked.

FVD-Brombacher- power with peace of mind.

Fits (Click to view section):
CAYMAN 2009-12
BOXSTER 2009-11

2.9L, 195 KW (09-)

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