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Porsche 911 Diagrams

Exploded diagrams showing every part on your Porsche 911

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replacement engine

crankcase left

crankcase right


cylinder with piston GR.1 NR. 30 - mahle - group 5

TURBO cylinder with piston

cylinder head

camshaft housing chain case

valve control left

valve control right

engine lubrication oil pump GR.1 NR.1/85

engine lubrication radiator coil

SPM- oil supply for converter

air cooling

air duct

air duct engine cover

911 SC air cleaner

TURBO air cleaner

SPM- vacuum system for clutch release

911 SC mixture control unit

TURBO mixture control unit

911 SC, 930.03/04, 930.05/06, 930.09/10, 930.13/15, 930.19 k-jetronic

911 SC, 930.07/08, 930.16/17 k-jetronic

TURBO, 930.60/61, 930.62/66 k-jetronic

TURBO, 930.63/64, 930.65 k-jetronic I

TURBO k-jetronic II

TURBO k-jetronic III

TURBO turbocharging

TURBO charge air cooler

911 SC air injection

TURBO air injection

911 SC blower engine

engine suspension

maintenance set gasket set repair kit

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fuel system front

911SC fuel system rear

TURBO fuel system rear

tank ventilation

911 SC exhaust system

911 SC exhaust gas recirculation

TURBO, 930.60/66 exhaust system

TURBO, 930.61/62, 930.63/64, 930.65 exhaust system exhaust gas recirculation

heating air supply see tpi NR. 5 MAI 87

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clutch release

replacement transmission transmission case

gear housing transmission cover

G 930/34 gear wheel sets 4. speed transmission

G 930/34 gears and shafts 4. speed transmission gear wheel sets see group 3/03/00

gear wheel sets 5. speed transmission G.915.61

G 915 gears and shafts 5. speed transmission gear wheel sets see group 3/03/10

G 915, G 930 shift rods shift forks 5. speed transmission

differential the following part number G >> 718 2611 G 718 7923 >> G >> 718 9196 G 719 0011 >> G >> 719 0152 use

limited-slip differential

transmission suspension

G 925/16 clutch release SPM

G 925/16 converter converter housing SPM

G 925/16 replacement transmission transmission case SPM

G 925/16 gear wheel sets SPM

G 925/16 gears and shafts SPM gear wheel sets see group 3/09/00

G 925/16 shift rods shift forks SPM

G 925/16 differential SPM

G 925/16 transmission suspension SPM

gasket set

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front axle stabiliser

shock absorber strut

steering accessories lower

steering accessories upper

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rear axle

vibration damper stabiliser

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disc brake front axle

TURBO disc brake front axle

disc brake rear axle

TURBO disc brake rear axle

brake fluid reservoir brake master cylinder

brake lines front

brake lines rear

repair kits front axle

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transmission control

parking-brake lever actuating lever for heating

pedals /LL

pedals accelerator control

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body in white prime coated sealed with underbody protection bodyshells can only only available from current

frame front

frame centre

frame rear

interior panelling

+TARGA/CABRI interior panelling O

exterior panelling front

exterior panelling rear it is necessary to rework

TARGA/CABRIO exterior panelling it is necessary to rework

bumper /V

bumper /H

lid /V

lid /H

rear spoiler


installation parts doors

power windows mechanical -79 see tpi group 8 NR.5/80 see group 8/05/00 use also: POS.11 80-

+COUPE door glass frame

+TARGA/CABRI door glass frame O

window glazing

+COUPE window glazing

+TARGA/CABRI window glazing O windscreen see group 8/05/00

interior equipment front

interior equipment rear

interior equipment roof

CABRIO interior equipment rear

interior equipment doors

body sound proofing 1

front seat complete

front seat single parts

sports seat -80 complete

sports seat -80 backrest single parts

sports seat -80 seat cushion single parts

sports seat 81- complete

sports seat 81- backrest single parts

sports seat 81- seat cushion single parts

COUPE/TARGA, CABRIO back seat cushion back seat backrest back seat backrest 83 see group 8/07/07

dashboard with installation parts

glove compartment sun visors

rear-view mirror door mirror

centre console

decorative fittings

TARGA decorative fittings


TARGA soft top

convertible top convertible top frame manually

protective bracket tonneau cover

main folding top bow roof frame single parts

convertible top clamp single parts

convertible top seal single parts

convertible top cover


seat belt front

seat belt rear

ventilation heating system 1

TURBO additional blower 83-

air conditioner evaporator housing single parts

cooling air duct control switch

911 SC compressor

TURBO YORK compressor


YORK compressor mounting and driving mechanism

TURBO NIPPONDENSO compressor mounting and driving mechanism

electrical components for air conditioner

condenser refrigerant line accessories and others front

M573 fan /RL front

condenser refrigerant line accessories and others rear

repair kits

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engine electrics steering lock

battery fuse box

generator starter GR.2 , NR.28 , 11/81 see tpi GR.9 , NR.13 , 09/94

wiring harnesses

wiring harnesses engine

wiring harnesses luggage compartment steering lock

wiring harnesses rear end

wiring harnesses FRONT luggage compartment interior lights sunroof

wiring harnesses door mirror - 1 - door mirror

wiring harnesses windscreen heating rear window heating

wiring harnesses rear window wiper

wiring harnesses power window

wiring harnesses headlight washer system warning light fuel pump

mounting plate relay sender fanfare

switch relay

steering column switch

windscreen wiper system

rear window wiper for subsequent installation 911SC /M 559 use also: condenser 911.573.057.04

windscreen washer system

windscreen washer system -79 headlight washer system

windscreen washer system 80- headlight washer system see group 9/04/15

headlamp lights

interior lights fog headlamp



cruise control

counter switch

heating automatic

temperature monitoring (J) exhaust gas

alarm system left-hand drive

connector housing 10-pole until 22-pole 10-pole

repair kits

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