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Porsche 928 Diagrams

Exploded diagrams showing every part on your Porsche 928

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replacement engine ready for installation


crankshaft connecting rod

piston piston rings

cylinder head


camshaft driving mechanism GRP. 1NR. 13/17

engine lubrication

fan water pump

water cooling

air cleaner




l-jetronic 80-

l-jetronic 80-

l-jetronic + 80-

M28.03/04 installation parts diaphragm damper fuel distributor with encapsulated valve GR.25 NO. 83-01

air injection

exhaust gas recirculation -79

engine suspension

maintenance set gasket set repair kit

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fuel tank

fuel system

tank ventilation AUS / J USA / CDN

exhaust system 78

exhaust system 79- differing parts twin-pipe system see group 2/02/10

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clutch GRP. 3 NR.3-4-12

central tube manual transmission

replacement transmission transmission case manual transmission

gear wheel sets manual transmission for G28.03

gears and shafts manual transmission

shift rods shift forks manual transmission

differential manual transmission

limited-slip differential manual transmission

transmission suspension manual transmission

central tube automatic transmission

torque converter converter housing automatic transmission

replacement transmission automatic transmission

transmission case

transmission case

transmission case

gears and shafts

gears and shafts

brake bands automatic transmission

shift-valve body automatic transmission



transmission suspension automatic transmission

gasket set

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wishbone GR. 4 NR. 1/84

steering knuckle stabiliser front axle

suspension front axle

steering gear track rod NR-4/20

steering steering wheel

repair kits

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rear axle

suspension stabiliser rear

drive shaft

repair kits

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928, 928, 928 disc brake front axle floating calliper F >>92BS8 25000 (CDN) (USA) F >>92A08 00749 (J) use also: mounting parts for brake pad

928 USA/CDN, 928 disc brake front axle floating calliper F 92CS8 20001>> F 92A08 00750>> (J) use also: mounting parts for brake pad

disc brake rear axle use also: mounting parts for brake pad

brake master cylinder brake booster

brake lines only together with vacuum booster 928.355.023.03 /04 F >>92892 01425 (CDN) (USA) F >>92892 09571 (J)

repair kits use also: mounting parts for brake pad

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shift mechanism manual transmission

shift mechanism automatic transmission

actuator handbrake

pedals insert brake booster $ 10" F 92892 01426>>

accelerator control

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body in white prime coated sealed with underbody protection bodyshells can only only available from current model year available until F >>92891 00769 F >>92892 00528 F >>92892 09535 use also: engine carrier 928.375.011.04

body front section

frame side section

floor section frame centre

frame rear rear end


outer roof panel cowl

bumper front

bumper rear

spoiler front and rear

lid front

lid rear differing parts for alarm system see group 8/04/20

door in white

installation parts door differing parts for alarm system see group 8/04/20

central locking system

power windows

alarm system

window glazing

pop-up headlight

body sound proofing 1

body sound proofing 2


door trim panel rooflining

928 S, 928 front seat complete (J) -79

front seat single parts

M437/438 seat adjuster comfort seat single parts

M437/438 electrical equipment electric drive comfort seat

928 front seat complete (J) 80-

front seat 80- single parts

M409, M410 sports seat 80- complete 81-

M409, M410 sports seat 80- backrest 81- single parts

M409, M410 sports seat 80- seat cushion 81- single parts

back seat with package box

back seat lining 80- tunnel without package box


centre console

sun visor door mirror interior mirror vanity mirror

luggage compartment cover

cover strip decorative fittings F >>92CS8 09620 (J) F >>92CS8 21592 F 92CS8 09621>> (J) F 92CS8 21593>> see tpi GR.8 NR.38

electric sunroof

sunroof installation parts

seat belt front and rear


control switch lines

heater hose nozzle

compressor -79

compressor 80-

M 573 UND 563 compressor assembly see group

M 573 lines blower

M 573 M 563 air conditioner

repair kits

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electrical components engine


starter battery

wiring harness FRONT luggage compartment engine

wiring harness dashboard

wiring harness passenger compartment doors

wiring harness rear end

switch manually


central electrical system relay fuse

windscreen wiper system front

windscreen wiper system rear

windscreen washer system

headlight washer system

headlamp direction indicator light front not for USA,CDN

headlamp direction indicator light front

rear light

interior lights

instrument cluster

central indicator

instruments centre console

cruise control

repair kits

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