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Speedtech High Flow Intake Plenum for Porsche 911

R996TTHFP - Replacement/Accessory

Price: $1,478.25


The speedtech 996 twin turbo fresh air intake plenum is designed to enhance the performance of your Porsche 996 tt by allowing fresh air to flow freely to the turbos for quick spool and additional power - very important for modified cars running larger than OEM turbos or running high boost.

The system consists of speedtech hi-flow intake plenum with 70mm outlet tubes and silicon hose is supplied to connect to the turbo inlets. The speedtech hi-flow plenum is designed to flow more air than the OEM plenum and deliver it quickly and smoothly with no restrictions from the maf tube all the way to the turbo inlets. A very worthwhile and important upgrade to maximize power for all modified 996 twin turbos.

Not only is this plenum lighter than oem, it allows you to hear the air rushing through the plenum on its way to the turbos. If you have upgraded turbos and exhaust, this is one of the next upgrades that you should seriously consider.

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911 TURBO/GT2 2001-05

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